Sheet metal bending in R&S Radev & Sons, Bulgaria
Automated bending of sheet metal
Automatic bending
Quality, precision and speed are the exact words defining the bending process of sheet metal at Radev & Sons Ltd. Thanks to the SALVAGNINI P4 Lean Automated System, capable of bending each of the four sides, we can quickly and precisely manufacture for you enclosures, panels and sheet metal details with complex forms, as well as radial and profile folds at brand new levels of production speed and efficiency. Simulation of the bending process guarantees quality and zero scrap.
Automated Bending System
The P4-2120 Lean Programmable Sheet Metal Bending System is a machine that operates under its own bending technology, without the need of additional settings or change of instruments. The production process is fully automated, with the manipulator swiftly and precisely moving the metal towards the press, where the sheet is being squeezed, while the bending blades are consistently performing the preset number of bends. The sheet’s thickness is measured during operation, and the tensions arising in it are compensated so that they would not affect the quality of bending. The entire bending process is supervised by the JOB.CONSOLE.P4 and Stream Bend control software.
Production capacity
  • Min. bending width - 140 mm
  • Min. bending length - 280 mm
  • Max. bending length - 2180 mm
  • Max. bending height - 205 mm
  • carbon steel ≤ 3.2 mm
  • stainless steel ≤ 2.5 mm
  • aluminum ≤ 4.0 mm
Press brake SALVAGNINI B3 is designed to combine the advantages of electric and hydraulic press brakes. The integrated adaptive technologies S CROWNING - a mechanical system guaranteeing precise bending along the entire length of the workpiece and AMS - a real-time angle measurement system with automatic pressure control make the system extremely productive.
Production capacity
  • Max. bending force- 135 kN
  • Max. bending length- 3060 mm
  • Table-ram distance - 600 mm
  • speed - 250 mm/sec
  • speed - 250 mm/sec
  • working speed - 20 mm/sec